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long weekend

I was ready for a long weekend. So far, it’s been good (with one exception). Due to the late frost, we had a lot of planting to do this weekend. Most of it has been completed, and the rest will be wrapped up today. Friday was nothing special–just like any other Friday. Saturday, we went to a cookout at my brother’s. Sunday, we purchased a bunch of plants and some fish for the pond, and also did some planting. Brian also got the bikes ready and we went for our first ride of the year. Today promises to be pretty relaxing–there’s no real agenda beyond gardening and another bike ride.

The only negative is that Lizzy is having some minor back problems. Of course, this would start up on a holiday weekend when the vet’s office is closed. I received previous instructions to put her on steroids in that type of scenario, so I started those yesterday. She actually seems better today but I’m going to keep her confined to her crate until I can get in touch with the vet tomorrow and find out the best course of action.

Thanks to my birthday, I get another long weekend next week. Yay!