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questioning my choices

We spent yesterday painting Jake’s room. He wanted the walls painted turquoise and gray so we obliged. I hope we don’t have to paint them white when we put the house up for sale in a few years. As we were painting (a chore that I don’t particularly enjoy), I started lamenting whatever choices I’ve made that have gotten me to this point. Don’t most people pay other people to do their home improvements?

Conversely, I didn’t mind spending 4+ hours making cheese today. Yes, I know you can buy cheese and Giant Eagle and it doesn’t take 4 hours to do it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would’ve rather made cheese yesterday than paint Jake’s bedroom.

But, I guess I need to get those thoughts out of my head as we are also painting our bedroom, the living room, the dining room and hallway in the short term.


  1. JM

    Aw. The turquoise and gray will be great for the next 5 years… until you repaint it and turn it into an office.

    Seriously though, I know how to paint. Always happy to lend a hand when it comes with free awesome conversation.

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