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bathroom project: day 3

Today was the big day. We both took off work in order to put in a long day on the project. The messed up plywood was replaced and we also lined the whole surround area with quarter-inch plywood–we had some concerns about the new adhesive sticking to the leftover glue residue from the tiles, so the plywood will remedy that. Brian also got the window boxed in. Then, after cutting out the plumbing holes and the giant hole for the window, we installed the tub surround. It looked pretty good when we left. We had to put bracing up in order to hold everything in place–hopefully that will hold up until tomorrow or we’re screwed.

So, assuming everything is ok with that, all of the hard stuff is done. There’s still a bit of work to do, but we should easily be able to finish it up by the end of the week. Since we’re back on track, we’re only going to take the afternoon off tomorrow. We should be in pretty good shape by the end of the day tomorrow (fingers crossed).