Sunday, September 30

seafood lover

Last night we went to Red Lobster for supper. This is notable only because we rarely eat out (sure, we grab a pizza or a sub on occasion, but as far as sit-down meals go, it's a rare occurrence). Brian's parents bought us a Red Lobster gift card so this gave us an excuse to go out for a meal. Red Lobster was surprisingly crowded. Not sure if it's always that crowded--the last time we went there it was for lunch and we were practically the only people there. There were a bunch of kids going out for homecoming, so that probably attributed to our wait. But, it's good to see people spending some money. Maybe the economy is recovering.


This was the next-to-last book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. It was not well-reviewed on Amazon, so I was a little apprehensive to read it. The book was ok, but I will agree with the reviewers on one point--not much happened in the story. It was full of filler. Sure, one major point was made, but it was a pretty weak storyline at that. Also, there wasn't much dialog going on from the other characters--it seemed like the whole story was dominated by Sookie. Sure, she is the main character, but she's not the only character...

Saturday, September 29

the grey

This was a movie about a bunch of Alaskan oil workers whose plane crashes in the middle of nowhere and the survivors are left to deal with a pack of wolves that is tracking them. For what it was, it was pretty good. But, I thought the movie would have been more effective had they used the wolves as more of a psychological element rather than how they did because the wolves were very fake-looking and, due to this, it took away from the story.

Tuesday, September 25

real steel

This was not exactly my kind of movie, but for what it was, it was good. It had some nice special effects. Not much of a plot, really. Jake enjoyed it, so that's all that matters.

Monday, September 24

gone fishin'

The three of us took a quick fishing trip to Yellow Creek State Park on Saturday morning. It was a nice day for fishing. Unfortunately we didn't catch anything--the fish were not biting. This was the only other time I went fishing other than our vacation. I was hoping to get out more, but it seems like we're always busy doing something. Jake and Brian at least got out one other time (at the beginning of September with my Dad).

Seeing that we're planning on vacationing at the same place next year, I'll be getting my fishing license again in 2013.

Wednesday, September 19

new germany festival

I've been thinking about doing some craft shows for Everyone Drinks. This would be down the road because I don't have enough inventory to do one at this time. So, I mentioned to my mom that I'm going to be checking out some craft shows over the next year in order to find out which ones would be good to attend and she suggested that we go to the New Germany Festival of Arts & Crafts. We did just that over the weekend.

Some things to note...there were a lot of people there, but I didn't see a lot of people actually making purchases. There were some crafters there with exceptional work; quite a number with good work; and more than a few with shoddy work. The stuff I sell is definitely unique--there were a couple of related items for sale, but no one strictly selling booze-related items.

This was a two day festival, so I don't know that I want to jump into something like that for my first show (and it's not cheap to attend, either). I would prefer to try a one-day event and see how that goes. There will be plenty of other shows to check out in 2013.

Tuesday, September 18

the proposal

The three of us watched this movie over the weekend. It was an ok comedy. While the ending was quite predictable, it was still hard to believe (I did not feel that the actors had very good chemistry). Betty White was kind of funny, though. I love Betty White!

Sunday, September 16


It's official--we now have a vineyard. My parents were in the Finger Lakes region last week and they brought me home five Riesling grape vines. I wasn't sure where to put them at first as we are running out of real estate at an alarming rate, but I decided the myrtle patch on the side of the house would be the perfect location. It's guaranteed to have crappy soil (which grapes like) and is in full sun (which grapes also like). Hopefully they will survive the winter.

Tuesday, September 11

the descendants

This was an ok movie. I liked it well enough, but unfortunately, it was too depressing for Brian. Had I known that it was going to be depressing, I wouldn't have suggested that he watch it. That said, it did not end on a depressing note. (I hate when depressing movies end in a depressing manner. For example, Clint Eastwood movies.) Luckily for him, we're watching The Proposal this weekend, so it shouldn't offend his sensitivities.

Monday, September 10


One of Brian's high school friends had a beach wedding last week. The reception for it was yesterday at the Imperial Ballroom in Ebensburg. It was a nice, low-key affair. Brian gave the toast or his "speech" (as many people there called it). We had to leave a little early as it was a school night for Jake, but most of the festivities were wrapping up by that point anyway.

Sunday, September 9

final appeal

Good thing for books and movies, otherwise I wouldn't have anything to blog about. It seems like it was a busy summer, but I don't feel like we really did anything. We did almost zero entertaining this year. And, with the exception of the bathroom remodel at our rental, we've been staying away from that kind of work in the summer. I did do a good job keeping up with my weeding tasks, so apparently that's what I did this summer. I also canned and froze a bunch of stuff (and am not done yet).

That said, I finished this book yesterday. It was another one from Lisa Scottoline. It was all right, but nothing to write home about. This was one of her older works (I like her newer stuff better). Scottoline writes legal thrillers, by the way. 

I did have some motivation to finish it up as the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel arrived at the end of last week. Though that book did not get good reviews on Amazon, so who knows how that one's going to turn out? Check back in a week or so to find out.

Saturday, September 1

ethnic fest

We went to the Ethnic Fest yesterday to get our pierogi fix from St. Mary's church. They were delicious as usual. There weren't any good bands playing while we were there so we weren't down there very long, but we did manage to run into a couple of people we knew. It seemed like they had a pretty good turnout this year. Hopefully today's rain didn't put a damper on things.

american reunion

This was probably my least favorite of the American Pie sequels, which is not to say it wasn't funny--there were some good one-liners, but I don't think it was as good as the other movies in the series (of course, I can't really remember much about the previous movies at this point, but apparently I really liked American Wedding). Overall, it went well with my Margarita.