Saturday, June 30


In anticipation of disconnecting our home phone later this summer (actually, I'm going to try to port it to Google Voice for voicemail purposes), Jake and I got smartphones (Brian already has one for work). While having a smartphone is more of a luxury than a necessity, I do really like it. In fact, it paid off for the first time yesterday while we were at family day at Boy Scout camp. Two of the people there had ridden motorcycles to the event (Brian being one of them). I checked the radar at one point only to find out that it was going to be storming soon (despite the fact that the forecast called for nice weather). It was decided to pack up camp and leave while the weather was still ok. So, it will definitely come in handy when we are on our bikes.

And, I've found that I fool around a lot less on the computer since I got the phone. I normally have my computer on at all times because I use TeuxDeux for my "to do" list and I'm constantly referring to it to find out what needs to be done next. Also, Google Calendar. Since the smartphone is less convenient for internet browsing, I tend to do the bare minimum on it and am not tempted by the internets as much.

Tuesday, June 26

the debt

This was a nice little spy thriller. It was a little confusing at first and that was made even more complicated because I wasn't totally paying attention--I actually had to go back to the beginning of the movie at one point because I didn't know what was going on.

That said, the reason the movie was confusing was that it had two points in time going on (one from the 1990s and one 30 years prior). So, of course, there were different actors playing the same parts and the young actors didn't really look anything like their older counterparts, hence the confusion.

Once you get that figured out, it was quite entertaining. A couple of nice twists, too.

Sunday, June 24

thunder 2012

This year Brian wanted to spend more time riding and checking out the other venues, so we did just that. To start, we took off Thursday and Friday afternoons. On Thursday afternoon we went for a ride and then hit Wheels and Wings in Ebensburg in the evening. On Friday, we went downtown in the afternoon, went for a ride after supper and then went to Windber Rumbles later in the evening. Saturday we went for a ride (to the Humane Society of Somerset County's open house--nice country roads!) and then went downtown again in the evening. We were not able to partake in any Thunder-related events today due to a prior commitment, though we normally don't do anything on Sunday, anyway (we might have tried to squeeze in a ride, though).

Wheels and Wings was ok. Ebensburg was packed and we had to stand in line forever to get some wings. Windber Rumbles seemed a little cliquey. Everyone was standing around talking to each other, but we didn't run into anyone we knew, so we weren't there too long as there wasn't much else going on at that moment. Downtown was the same as always--not overly crowded during the day, but packed in the evening. 

In retrospect, I would have rather spent more time downtown. Perhaps hitting just one of the other venues would've been enough. I guess there's always next year...

Wednesday, June 20

world war z

I heard of this book and was intrigued, given my interest in zombies. When I heard that Brad Pitt was starring in the film (to be released in 2013), my interest was piqued further. I figured it would tide me over until the next season of The Walking Dead.

Unfortunately, I did not like this book at all. It was an interesting concept--it told the stories of various people who survived the zombie war. But, each story was just that--a single short story. None of the stories tied together. And, other than the narrator, there weren't any recurring characters. The narrator was a UN employee who went around the world interviewing people after the conflict was over. The movie sounds a little more interesting in that the main character is going around the world trying to prevent the zombie apocalypse, so I'll probably still check it out even though I did not enjoy the book. Plus, it has Brad Pitt.

Sunday, June 17

friends with benefits

This. This is what I want to see when I watch a comedy. This is the funniest movie I've seen since the 40 Year Old Virgin. And, to think that I almost didn't watch it due to Justin Timberlake being one of the main characters (normally he annoys me, but he was great in this role). Sure, the movie had a couple of slow moments, but overall it was nonstop laughs. Brian even gave it his highest rating--two eyes open.

Wednesday, June 13


For an NC-17 rated film, this sure was a snoozefest. It was a story about a guy who was a sex addict. The story really didn't have much of an ending. I think I've had my fill of indie films for the year. Time to watch some blockbusters.

Monday, June 11

pool party

Jake had his annual birthday pool party yesterday. It was a nice day for swimming, but not quite as nice if you were sitting in the hot sun all afternoon. I don't know what it is about the sun, but it exhausts me even if I'm not doing anything. But, the kids had a great time and everyone was well-behaved, so we'll call it a winner.

Saturday, June 9

harry potter and the order of the phoenix

Another day, another Harry Potter movie. This one was less fun than the previous movies, but the special effects were just as dazzling. Three to go...

Tuesday, June 5


While my official birthday might be today, we did our bulk of celebrating over the weekend. Friday night was the Polka Fest. We almost didn't make it there due to the storm, but things let up and I was able to get my pierogi fix. On Saturday we had a Family Movie Night and watched The Muppets. And, on Sunday, Brian grilled up a delicious lunch and we ate on the patio. I got an awesome hammock for my birthday, but have not had an opportunity to give it a good test. Brian did get it hooked up on Sunday night but it was a bit too cold to be laying around outside.

I'm off work today due to a new "birthdays off" policy we implemented at Prime Design Solutions for 2012. Sometimes it pays to be a policymaker. I have nothing special planned for the day, though. I'm just getting caught up with some things that I have been putting off. But it should be a relaxing day nonetheless.

Sunday, June 3

the muppets

Last night, we had The Muppets and a Margarita night, which is not normally a combination you see in the wild. The movie was ok--it had a little too much singing and dancing for my tastes, though. And, I couldn't get past the fact that Kermit didn't sound like Kermit. I mean I've heard better impressions of Kermit than how he sounded in the movie. Other than that it was nice to see the Muppets again.

Saturday, June 2

the weather

I know you're not supposed to blog about the weather, but I have a valid reason for doing so as it affects my garden. Due to the extreme heat we had at the end of May, my broccoli started to bolt already and the heads on it are tiny. This has been the only negative thus far, though.

The tomatoes look pretty good--they love the heat (of course, now it's cold outside--go figure). I tried tomato teepees in the past and didn't get any tangible results from them beyond being able to put my tomatoes out a couple of weeks early. But, this year, I'm going to leave them out all year (rather than removing them when the weather is nice) to see if that makes a difference. It will definitely keep the ground around them warmer. We'll see what happens. At this point, the teepee plants are bigger than the non-teepee plants and have more flowers. 

Everything else looks pretty good. I still have to plant some cukes--something ate my plants and now a chipmunk eats the seeds every time I try to replant. Worst case, I'll need to buy some plants. I also need to plant pole beans. Jake talked me into doing the "Three Sisters" gardening thing (like the Indians did, where you plant corn, beans, and squash together). I have the corn and squash planted and now I'm waiting for the corn to grow a little before I plant the beans (as the beans will grow up the corn stalks).

A plus side to the nice spring weather we had is that the CSA is starting up a week early this year as they have produce available already!