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In anticipation of disconnecting our home phone later this summer (actually, I’m going to try to port it to Google Voice for voicemail purposes), Jake and I got smartphones (Brian already has one for work). While having a smartphone is more of a luxury than a necessity, I do really like it. In fact, it paid off for the first time yesterday while we were at family day at Boy Scout camp. Two of the people there had ridden motorcycles to the event (Brian being one of them). I checked the radar at one point only to find out that it was going to be storming soon (despite the fact that the forecast called for nice weather). It was decided to pack up camp and leave while the weather was still ok. So, it will definitely come in handy when we are on our bikes.

And, I’ve found that I fool around a lot less on the computer since I got the phone. I normally have my computer on at all times because I use TeuxDeux for my “to do” list and I’m constantly referring to it to find out what needs to be done next. Also, Google Calendar. Since the smartphone is less convenient for internet browsing, I tend to do the bare minimum on it and am not tempted by the internets as much.