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thunder 2012

This year Brian wanted to spend more time riding and checking out the other venues, so we did just that. To start, we took off Thursday and Friday afternoons. On Thursday afternoon we went for a ride and then hit Wheels and Wings in Ebensburg in the evening. On Friday, we went downtown in the afternoon, went for a ride after supper and then went to Windber Rumbles later in the evening. Saturday we went for a ride (to the Humane Society of Somerset County‘s open house–nice country roads!) and then went downtown again in the evening. We were not able to partake in any Thunder-related events today due to a prior commitment, though we normally don’t do anything on Sunday, anyway (we might have tried to squeeze in a ride, though).

Wheels and Wings was ok. Ebensburg was packed and we had to stand in line forever to get some wings. Windber Rumbles seemed a little cliquey. Everyone was standing around talking to each other, but we didn’t run into anyone we knew, so we weren’t there too long as there wasn’t much else going on at that moment. Downtown was the same as always–not overly crowded during the day, but packed in the evening.
In retrospect, I would have rather spent more time downtown. Perhaps hitting just one of the other venues would’ve been enough. I guess there’s always next year…