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I bought one of these nifty devices recently. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to use it, but Jake’s been giving it a workout and he seems to really like it. We used to have cable tv at the office, but we cancelled it recently so I bought Netflix streaming so Jake had something to watch (on his iPad) while he is there. I figured I might as go one step further and get a Roku so we can stream stuff to our tv as well. The one negative thing I will say is that of the 30+ items in my Netflix queue, only three of them are available for streaming. There are a bunch of free channels available which I haven’t had a chance to explore yet, but it looks like they might have some of the stuff I want to see, so that’s a plus.

Given the fact that more and more things will be available through streaming in the future, I think this was a good investment to make. Now, if only I could cancel our cable tv at the house. Maybe someday…