Sunday, April 29

the hangover: part ii

This was an ok comedy--it had some funny parts, but nothing hilarious. And, it was pretty much a rehash of the first movie (down to showing the photos of what happened during the closing credits). Here's to hoping there's not a third movie in the series.

Saturday, April 28

wine night

Last night we bottled two batches of wine. The first one was a German Traminer Spatlese and was quite good. It's been a while since we've made a German wine and I had forgotten how much I like them. The second one was a blend of muscat, symphony, sauvignon blanc, and chardonnay. This, too, was good, albeit a bit too sweet. I think I messed up when I forgot to check the specific gravity at one point in the process. But, at least it tastes good--I was a bit worried about that.

I have two red kits to make. I need to get on that this week. The bad news is that I don't have anywhere to put them once they are bottled (the wine racks are full). The good news is that we're going to need to drink a lot of wine in order to make some room.

Wednesday, April 25

a better life

This was a good movie. It told the story of an illegal immigrant (played by the awesome Demian Bichir from Weeds) and his struggle for his son to have--wait for it--a better life. There wasn't a whole lot going on in the story so I don't want to give anything away by mentioning any of the plot points. But, if you like a good character study, this will do.

Saturday, April 21


Despite the fact that this movie starred Ryan Gosling, it sucked. The dialog was horrible, the movie was slow (even though it clocked in around 1:40), the plot was stupid, and the soundtrack sucked. The only good thing about it was Bryan Cranston--I didn't even realize it was him until his 2nd scene. The last half hour of the movie was definitely more interesting than the first two-thirds of it, but not enough to redeem the film.

Tuesday, April 17

painting floors

Because there's nothing I'd rather do than paint, we decided to paint the floors of the music room, which is in our basement. We're on a mission to finish up the room. A few weeks ago we painted it, then Brian put up quarter round around the ceiling. Next, goes the door and floor trim and we'll be done. Here's the before and after:

Sunday, April 15


I rather liked this movie. Brian did, too (he even managed to stay awake for the entire thing despite doing manual labor for me all day). It was the story of a young man (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is diagnosed with cancer. Normally not the kind of movie you might want to watch, but it was a dramedy. So, where's the funny part come in? Well, mostly from Seth Rogen, who plays the best friend of the main character. This movie was one of the few instances where Seth Rogen didn't get on my nerves. Actually there wasn't anything about this movie that I didn't like.

Monday, April 9

ham pot pie

I made up a slow-cooker ham pot pie recipe, which we had for supper this evening. My Mom sent home a ham bone with us yesterday (along with some other delicious Easter leftovers), so I was trying to figure out something to do with it. It was pretty good and was made even better with homemade noodles. Yum!

Sunday, April 8

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

Jake and I watched the 2nd movie in the Harry Potter series last night. It's interesting to see how they pulled off all of the cool things from the book. So far, they've done an excellent job with the special effects. Much like with the first movie, I think I saw most of this one before. I'm looking forward to the later movies where this isn't the case.

Friday, April 6

on the loose

I let Lizzy out this afternoon and when I went to let her back in, both she and the tie-out cable were gone. Yikes! So Jake and I scoured the neighborhood and he found her (thank goodness) on the street that runs parallel to ours. The tie-out cable connection has since been reinforced.

Thursday, April 5

altoona curve

The three of us got to go to the opening night of the Altoona Curve tonight thanks to one of our employees winning the Curve's 2012 Opening Day T-Shirt contest (thanks, Katherine!). Not only did we get tickets to the game, but the tickets were for one of their luxury suites. Very nice. Most of the people she invited sat outside, but what's the point in that when you have a suite?!? I'm not a baseball fan, but if you're going to watch a game, this is definitely the way to go.