Tuesday, February 28

forgetting sarah marshall

Alas, Brian's Birthday Month of Comedies had to come to and end sooner or later. And, we ended on a positive note with this movie. He previously caught part of this movie on TV and wanted to rent it, so into the queue it went. It was a pretty good comedy. While it didn't have any "laugh till you cry" moments, it had enough funny stuff all around. In fact, the jokes were coming pretty fast--I probably missed a few.

The movie was about a guy whose girlfriend breaks up with him. In an attempt to get over her, he takes a trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, she is also in Hawaii (staying at the same hotel, no less) with her new boyfriend (played by the always slimy Russell Brand). Hilarity ensues.

Friday, February 24

licensed to carry

Brian and I went to the courthouse yesterday and applied for (and received) our license to carry firearms. Interestingly, there were three other people there at the same time, doing the same thing. So, apparently just about everyone in Cambria County is packing heat. I was not expecting to have to wait in line to do this, but I guess that says something about the county we live in.

We also changed our voter registration from Democrat to independent. Given the gun thing, you probably thought I was going to say Republican, but I can assure you that will never happen.

While in town, we made a stop at the Cambria County Solid Waste Authority in order to drop off some items for recycling. Among other things, I had a boxful of CFL light bulbs. Those things don't last any longer than regular light bulbs and besides being more expensive, you can't even throw them in the garbage. Terrific.

Since we took the day off work to do all of this stuff, we treated ourselves to lunch at Everyday Gourmet & Fine Food Merchant. I've been wanting to go there since I first heard about it. We both had a soup and sandwich combo. My soup was quite good--French onion. The sandwich was good, too, but nothing special. It was a turkey, bacon, and Swiss. I will probably try something more adventurous if we go there again.

On our way home, we made a stop at the gun store in Richland and Brian bought a new gun (yay, tax refund!). We can hardly wait for the weather to break so we can go target shooting again.

Thursday, February 23

the art of racing in the rain

Brian bought me this book for Valentine's Day. It was quite good (despite being very sad throughout). The story was narrated by a dog named Enzo (yes, a dog--quite an insightful one at that) and was a super quick read (I completed it in 2 or 3 days).

Enzo was a believer in reincarnation. He believes that dogs are reincarnated as other dogs until they reach the point where they will become a human in their next reincarnation. This was the crux of the story.

This book was recommended to Brian by one of our clients. I have recommended it to Jacob, who is now reading it. I hope he enjoys the book as much as I did.

Tuesday, February 21

our idiot brother

I did not have this in my Netflix queue, but Brian wanted to see it, and since it's Brian's Birthday Month of Comedies, I felt obliged to add it.

That said, my original instincts were on target. It was a pretty boring movie. Brian fell asleep during it, but that is not necessarily a reliable way to judge a movie. It was not horrible by any means, but if a movie is a comedy, I expect it to be at least a little funny. This movie was a little funny, alright--very little.

Sunday, February 19

devil's corner

This was another book from one of my new favorite authors, Lisa Scottoline. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed in this book (I guess they all can't be winners). The storyline and characters were just too unbelievable, even for fiction. Even so, it was a fairly quick read, though I did have to force myself to finish it--luckily I had a new book waiting in the wings and it gave me some motivation, even if the storyline didn't.

Thursday, February 16

birthday boy

Not only is it Brian's Birthday Month of Comedies, it's also Brian's Birthday Dinner Week, wherein Brian's birth is honored at three dinners. We started off the week with dinner at my parent's on Sunday. Next, up was his actual birthday dinner at our house (in which I prepared an awesome lasagna). And, we'll be ending the week with dinner at Brian's parent's on Saturday. I guess we could also refer to this week as "a vacation from our diet".

Sunday, February 12

crazy, stupid, love.

This was a pretty solid movie. While it was a comedy, it was more of a date-type movie, so it was a little less on the laughs than a typical comedy. And, it made me realize, the more I see of Ryan Gosling, the better.

Wednesday, February 8

crazy baby

Early yesterday morning, Buster was trying to get into our bed, so I kicked him out of the bedroom and went back to sleep. I heard a beeping noise coming from the living or dining room, but didn't think much of it at the time.

A little while later, Brian got up for work and woke me up to say that there was something wrong with Buster. Brian brought him into the bedroom and he was shaking like a leaf. It was not unlike when we have a bad thunderstorm. But the weather was just fine. We then wondered if he got into something that he shouldn't have, but we couldn't figure out what that would have been since our house is pretty much dog-proof at this point.

Buster wouldn't leave the bedroom, but I left it in order to investigate. While I was looking around, I heard the beeping noise again. It was our carbon monoxide detector, which was emitting a low battery warning. You might not know this about Buster, but he doesn't like beeping noises. This goes back to his puppyhood when Brian was trying to figure out the alarm system that we bought for the office and accidentally set it off a couple of times (we couldn't use the microwave for a week after this incident without Buster going nuts).

So, I replaced the battery in the carbon monoxide detector and, while Buster was still on alert, he was more or less ok at this point.

Fast-forward to today. I was working on my computer in the living room this afternoon and thought I heard a beep. I looked over at Buster and found out that he definitely heard a beep. I couldn't tell where it was coming from for a few minutes--it was the smoke detector in our family room. By this point Buster was shaking again and wouldn't move from the carpet by the door. He sat there for about 30 minutes (until the shaking stopped) and then moved to the dog bed.

Beep! Beep!

Monday, February 6

super bowl

We had our annual Super Bowl party last night. I like to do a food theme each year (either based on one of the teams playing or on the location of the game), so after the Steelers dropped out of the playoffs, I was rooting for food. I was really hoping San Francisco was going to be in it (not because I used to be a fan, but because Napa Valley would've been a great theme), but we ended up with the Giants and the Patriots. I wasn't about to make baked beans and clam chowder, so I stretched the idea a little and we went with an Italian theme for food (there are a lot of Italians in NJ/NY in case you didn't know).

This year, our guest list included various members of our family. Everyone shared in the food preparation duties so I didn't have to do that much, really. For whatever reason, I hardly watched any football this season, so last night was the first full game I saw. And, unbelievably, the Giants beat the Patriots (again) and it was a pretty decent game at that. All in all, a good evening.

Sunday, February 5

the money pit

We kicked off Brian's Birthday Month of Comedies with a Family Movie Night! How's that for a bunch of made up events? This was another one of those movies that did not hold up over time. It wasn't horrible, but just not that great. Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of PG rated comedies these days, so we're stuck with the "classics".