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christmas 2004, day 2

Today, we raced around like a bunch of crazy people trying to prepare for Christmas (it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve unless Brian was working on someone’s gift in the wood shop). We had some stuff that needed to be done today, and the rest of the work was preparation for tomorrow’s festivities (we are having Christmas dinner here with my family).

The turkey for tomorrow was still frozen like a rock, so we tried defrosting it submerged in water in the sink. Unfortunately, our sink decided that today would be a great day to leak, so we had a watery mess to clean up. Multiple times.

After this, it was time to go to Brian’s parent’s. Brian’s sister, Jennifer, and her family were in from NY today, so we got to spend the evening with them. We had a nice dinner, opened gifts, then went to church.

Now that we’re home, Jake wants to play with all of his toys. We’re planning on letting him stay up a little later than usual this evening so that maybe (just maybe) he won’t be up at 5am wanting to open his gifts. Of course, either Brian or I has to get up at some ungodly hour to put the turkey on, so it might not matter anyway.