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christmas 2004, day 1

Judy came over this evening for our annual present exchange. Somehow, I think she’s getting screwed on that deal. Let’s see–she has to buy presents for three people, we have to buy for one. Hmmm. I’m no math major, but that doesn’t seem to add up. Wait a minute–I was a math major, so maybe I’m right.

Jake was very excited at the prospect of getting some presents this evening. Last year, he kinda got the Christmas thing, but this year, he’s running on high octane. He has been telling everyone all week about the fact that Judy was coming over on Thursday (just ask the daycare staff–they’ll tell you). And today, he only asked every 15 minutes what time she was going to arrive. It’s not so much he was anxious to see her (though he always is), but he was REALLY excited about opening some presents. And this, my friend, is just the beginning.

Anyway, we got some cool stuff and had a great time bs’ing all evening. A few adult beverages were also consumed, of course.