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political rant

I don’t know why the current election pisses me off so much (well, ok, I have some ideas), but when I see a Bush/Cheney sign in someone’s yard or a sticker on their car, I make a mental note to not like that person. I’m anxious for the election to be over so I can stop judging everyone on earth.

And, no matter how it turns out, I’m sure I’ll live. I mean, I got through the past four years, didn’t I? Kerry certainly wasn’t my first choice for a Democratic contender, but I’ll take him. And if/when Bush gets re-elected, at least there’s a silver-lining to that cloud…Hillary in 2008!

Did I just say that? Uh oh. For reasons such as this, I don’t have comments turned on in my blog. That is, I don’t care about YOUR opinion.

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