Thursday, September 30

america's sweetheart

No, this isn't another post about me, but rather Courtney Love's newest album. Brian wanted to purchase it because we have all of her other stuff. I was kinda on the fence because it bombed on the charts. But, he bought it and I've been listening to it for the past few weeks and I love it! At first I wasn't so sure about it, but then the songs started sticking in my head--particularly the lyrics--and I got into it. The lyrics are ridiculous to the point of good. Courtney does her usual off-key singing/screaming. I don't know what, but there's just something about her voice that I like. If I had to pick a favorite song from the album, I guess it would have to be "I'll Do Anything". Don't get me wrong, this is no Lateralus (the best album ever written. period. by Tool). I'm sure I will tire of it sooner rather than later, but for now, I'm greatly entertained.

Monday, September 27

going to the dogs

All of our money, that is.

The vet called today with the first of Ripley's test results. Her thyroid numbers are way low, so she needs to start on thyroid medication. I'll be picking that up after work. One good thing about thyroid medication is that it is cheap. In reading about hypothyroidism, a number of nagging health issues she's had through the years could be contributed to the thyroid. So, this might greatly improve her quality of life (and possibly cut down on the number of trips we make to the vet). If so, then it's well worth the money.

Something that I think may no longer be worth the money is the place where we board the dogs. Don't get me wrong, it is the coolest place you could possibly leave your pet. It's just that the cost of boarding has almost tripled since we've been going there (and it's not like we've been going there for 20 years or anything). Plus, it's not all that convenient to get to. So, between that and the money, I'm thinking about finding a place closer to home. Brian will be thrilled to hear this because he hates driving out there. The girls will still be going there for our October trip, though. But, since we're just going to Pittsburgh, it's practically on the way.

Saturday, September 25


You can add this to my list of things not to buy in the future: German dogs. Today, Ripley made her fourth trip to the vets for the year. She has some sort of infection in her leg and was put on antibiotics. For that and some other reasons, the doctor also recommended a thyroid test. ka-ching! If she keeps this pace up, they'll be able to add the "Ripley Law Memorial Wing" onto Richland Veterinary Hospital next year. All kidding aside, Ripley is a wonderful dog and I will definitely get another doberman in the future. Just not a doberman puppy. I can't afford to buy all new furniture again.

Today, we're having our last hurrah of the summer season. Looks like it's going to be a nice day for it, too. Lish & Brent, and possibly his son are coming for a cookout later today. Should be fun.

I don't know what's gotten into Brian today. He's washing the car and the truck. I've never known him to wash a vehicle voluntarily before. The only thing I can figure is that he's perfecting his washing technique before he gets his motorcycle! motorcycle! motorcycle! next year. He's even been reading how to wash a motorcycle on the Harley Davidson site, for goodness sake!

And speaking of Brian...Is it just me or is he in way too many bands? Here's the complete list:
1. Rottenstone: Brian & me
2. Garden of Ashes: Brian & Shawn
3. East of Eve: Brian, Shawn, John & me
4. Temple of something or another (see, he's in so many bands that he doesn't even know the names of all of them): Brian, Slim, Shawn, & Rob

And, if you were really stretching, you could add Stone Rotten to that list. That's an acoustic cover "band" consisting of Brian and me. I guess you could say that I'm in three bands, but it's not like I ever go to practice, so I'm really more of a session player. Or maybe just a lazy musician. It's too early to tell.

Friday, September 24

holy ham, batman!

I picked up my ham at Froehlich's yesterday. It weighed in at a whopping 26 pounds! I planned on cooking it last night, but didn't account for the size. So, I was up till after midnight carving (and eating--yum!) ham. Needless to say, I'm tired today. At least it's Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow. I'm dropping off my parent's half after work, but I have a feeling we'll be freezing a good portion of our ham.

The bacon wasn't ready, though. :( They had a problem with their smokehouse so they won't be able to do it until next week. So much for a bacon brunch on Sunday. I guess we'll have ham instead. It's not like we're going to run out by then.

Jacob was absolutely fascinated with the picture of the fat guy that I posted the other day. On his way to daycare the next day he told me, "Tommy* eats a lot of candy, but he's just a little fat--he can still walk." [* the names have been changed to protect the overweight] When I picked him up from daycare that same day, he proceeded to tell me that he told all of his little friends about the picture of the fat guy that his mom showed him on the computer. I'm sure that went over well with the teachers.

And speaking of fattening items, the damned vending machine at work is out of cookies again (cookies are my breakfast staple), so now I'm forced to eat a Twix bar for breakfast. At least they have a cookie in them.

Tuesday, September 21

I'm a highway star

Got my car back today. Paying the bill was a little painful, but at least I have wheels again--just in time to take Jake to daycare and go into the office tomorrow.

We did an experiment today and Jake stayed at home while I worked. It didn't go too badly. It would be nice if he could stay at home every day starting next summer, but I don't know if he'll be up for it by then. The key is to keep him busy with things that don't involve me. And give him food every few hours. Boy, does that kid like to eat. But not as much as this guy.

Monday, September 20

new "hobby"

Yeah, another one.

I thought it would be a good idea to read up on upholstery so that I can upholster the furniture Brian makes for our house. Brian's dad saw my upholstery book so he thought it would be a good idea for me to reupholster one of his family heirlooms. I said "what the heck". Might as well practice on someone else's stuff. The piece was a rocker and had a naugahyde vinyl seat. The finish was in dire need of major touch-ups. It took me quite a bit of time to get it looking good. Next came the seat. Following all of the steps in my book, I had the seat done in a weekend. Not too shabby, eh? It was actually more work to do the finishing (and I sort of know what I'm doing when it comes to that). It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Hopefully, it won't fall apart the first time it's used.

Tonight, I caught the reupholstery bug again. The chair for the desk in my bedroom was rather worn. I've been using it a lot lately due to my new card-making (i.e. stamping) hobby. Every time I sit in it, I think "boy, I should really redo this seat." I had some material left from the rocker, so I decided to reupholster the chair. This one was a lot easier to do because of the style. It probably took 90 minutes or so to complete. And, it looks darned good, too.

Anyway, the point of this is, I apparently have a new hobby. I actually enjoy upholstering furniture. Luckily, it's not something that I'll have to do all of the time. I mean, I have all of these other hobbies--card-making, cooking, gardening, finishing wood projects, playing music, reading, wine-making--to contend with. There's only so much time in a day.

"Idle hands are the Devil's playground" or "No rest for the wicked"? You be the judge.

Sunday, September 19

modes of transportation

I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my previous posts this weekend...My car (Toyota RAV4) was due for a new timing belt. It was to be installed on Friday. While they were working on my car, it was determined that it needed a new serpentine belt as well. But, they didn't have one in stock so my car is out of commission till they are able to get one (Monday or Tuesday). I think Brian planned it this way so that I couldn't go to Michael's while he was gone yesterday and buy another $100-worth of stamping supplies. I got even with him, though. I placed an order for stamping supplies on the internet instead. :)

I'm not complaining about my car, though. It is seven years old and has nearly 100,000 miles on it and this is only the second thing that has been wrong with it ever. The first thing occurred earlier this summer and it turned out to be minor (something in the engine needed cleaned). Don't ask me what. Do I look like a mechanic?

In contrast, Brian had to take his two year old Dodge to the garage the other week. It needed a new distributor cap, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and maybe some other stuff. (Like I said before, do I look like a mechanic?) It was kind of expensive. And, this isn't even the first thing that was wrong with it. The other thing was at least covered under warranty, though. I was thinking about buying a Ford or Dodge for my next vehicle, but I think I'll stick with Toyota, thanks. I like having a car that actually runs.

The only real issue coming out of this is that I had to ask various grandparents to take Jacob to daycare and possibly pick him up tomorrow. Lucky for me:
1. Jacob has grandparents that can help out.
2. I work at home on Mondays.
3. The garage (Deyarmin's) is only two blocks from my house so I'll actually be able to go get my car when it's ready.
4. I drive a Toyota, so I haven't been having car problems for the past five years.

Saturday, September 18

sweet bliss

I've been enjoying my time alone today. This morning, I decided to paint our library. Unfortunately, I ran out of paint, so was not able to complete the job. But, at least most of it is done (and the section that will contain our first set of bookshelves is done, so Brian can start on those any time hint hint). Anyway, we'll need to run to Home Depot this week to get more paint and perhaps the supplies for our fall project of ventilating and insulating the attic. I can't wait to work on that project, let me tell you. It'll be about as fun as crawling around in insulation in a small space. Wait! That's exactly what it'll be...

Needless to say, I haven't done much else today--just regular Saturday stuff like washing clothes and paying bills. I hope to get some vacuuming done before everyone returns. I lead an exciting life, I know. I did manage to get a nap in this afternoon, so not all was lost.

Today has inspired me to get those two signed up for boy scouts. Then I'd be able to have weekends like this all of the time. :) That said, I should probably go and enjoy the remaining few hours before the chaos returns.

Friday, September 17

mas tequila

It's margarita night in Johnstown...

Brian and I had a good evening. We wrote our 5th rottenstone song tonight. Now, all we need to do is record it and we'll release our EP. Jake's staying at my parent's until tomorrow evening, so that gave us an opportunity to go to the "music room" and jam for a bit.

Tomorrow, I will be without both of my "boys". Brian is going to a Penn State game with my dad and Jake won't be coming home until he does. I won't know what to do with myself. Actually, I will. I'm sure I will get a lot done around the house (including an afternoon nap) without being interrupted with Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! or "Honey, I can't find the french fries." It will be nice to have some time to myself even if I am busy working all day. Being alone has never bothered me. I think this is due more to my misanthropy issue than anything else. Lately, being alone hasn't been an issue, though. I'm never alone. But, that's ok, too.

I've been ignoring my margarita for too long, so I better get back to it...

Wednesday, September 15

this little piggy went to the market...

...and this little piggy went to my freezer!

Froehlich's called today. The half of a hog I ordered is in and will be ready to pick up tomorrow. Nothing makes me happier than a freezer full of meat (well, a bar full of booze, maybe). This is the second half I've gotten this year. But, unlike the first one, my mom and I are splitting this one. It's not that you get too much regular meat, but you get too much bacon and sausage for three people to eat in a timely manner, so hence the split. Ooh--I almost forgot to mention that this is a hog from the Cambria County Fair. Hopefully, one of the award-winners.

Tuesday, September 14

lazy town

Is it just me or has anyone else experienced the absurdity that is Lazy Town? What is this Lazy Town, you might ask? Besides keeping one former gymnast off of the unemployment lines, it is this totally weird show about this "evil" guy who is always trying to get the people in Lazy Town to not exercise. The inspiration behind the idea is to make children more physically active (by watching TV? hmm).

Needless to say, Jacob loves the show. He's watching it now...on the couch.

Monday, September 13


I don't really have anything to say, but I haven't posted since Saturday so I feel obligated...

Let's see. Yesterday, we briefly attended a picnic after church. We were there just long enough to eat and for Jacob to break a few balloons. They had clowns there doing face-painting and making cool things out of balloons (like dogs, flowers, etc.) Jacob wanted a flower. It took the clown a few minutes to make it and then the countdown was on. 10...9...8...7...***pop*** I was just about to say "Make sure you don't drop the balloon in the grass or it'll pop." Too late.

Afterwards, we came home and Brian watched the Steeler game while I fooled around with my new hobby of making cards. Later that afternoon, we attended Brian's work picnic in Bellwood. Nothing like a waste of a completely good Sunday.

I guess it could've been worse. After we got home from the work picnic, I got to fool around with my card hobby again, whereas Brian had to go to a church council meeting for two hours.

And sadly, last night was the season finale of both Six Feet Under and Entourage. It's not TV...It's HBO. At least Malcom in the Middle and Arrested Development will be starting up again soon. And, there's always football to watch on Sunday nights.

Saturday, September 11


If you've spoken to me since Memorial Day, you've probably heard me talk about the shed we were building this summer. Well, I'm glad to say that it's finally done. Here's the final picture:

Over Labor Day, we got a bunch of things moved from the woodshop to the shed, so Brian's a happy camper because it gives him a little more room in his cramped shop. It is also the future home of the motorcycle! motorcycle! motorcycle! How else would I have motivated him to build the thing?

garden state

Yesterday, Brian's parents took Jacob to the Cambria County Fair. Since they were anticipating a late arrival home, they suggested that he stay overnight. We were hoping to catch Fahrenheit 9/11 at the Westwood Plaza Theatre, but, its run was over on Thursday. Fortunately, another movie we wanted to see, Garden State, was playing. What a cool movie! Zach Braff (J.D. from the sitcom Scrubs) wrote, directed, and starred in the movie. There were so many absurd things going on in it, that I'd like to see it again. Besides, any movie with two dobermans in it (albeit briefly) is ok with me.

Here's what the Flick Filosopher had to say about it:

We saw one of our neighbors there so Brian invited him to go out for drinks with us afterward. We were going to check out the new Album Cuts bar, but they had some karaoke thing going on and it was PACKED so we ended up going to the Westwood Gardens instead. It was decidedly NOT packed. Two Advils later and my head still hurts, so I guess I had a good time.

Friday, September 10

motorcycle! motorcycle! motorcycle!

The deed is done. Brian ordered his Harley on Tuesday. It'll be in around April/May. Here's a pic:

Needless to say, it's going to be like living with a kid on Christmas Eve for the next 7 or 8 months...

Bring on the debt! Who says money can't buy you happiness?


Enough said.


This is my new blog. Judy's always telling me to start one so that she knows what's going on with me and the family, so here goes! Since she'll probably be the only one to check it out on a regular basis, I've decided to name the blog in her honor.