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got wood?

As you might remember, Brian bought a bunch of lumber at an auction on Saturday. All of the loading/unloading of the truck must’ve affected his brain. That night, as we were going to bed, I asked him a question about the project he’s currently working on in the shop. His response was “I have enough wood.” Needless to say, that wasn’t a valid answer for my question. Apparently he was drifting off to sleep and thinking about the day’s activities while I was talking. Indeed, we have enough wood.

In sort-of related wood news, we celebrated “Law Arbor Day 2004” yesterday by planting a dogwood tree, a white spruce, and four more yews (hedges). We’ve been planting stuff every fall for the past four years. I hope to finally finish off the hedges next year (we need around 6-8 more plants). Other than that, we’re good on the tree count. The only major landscaping I have left is around the shed and to create a herb garden. The herb garden is planned for next spring, but I think I might drag the shed thing out for a few years.