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nature day

I crossed off a couple of things from my bucket list today. First, I visited Spruce Flats Bog, which is in the Forbes State Forest. It was pretty cool and very peaceful until about 20 mountain bikers showed up and took over the boardwalk. I would have stayed a bit longer and soaked it in, but it was decidedly less peaceful with all of the interlopers.

I hadn’t planned on visiting Beam Rocks today, but it was on my list of sights to see. I passed the entrance on my way to the bog, so I figured I might as well check it out while I was there. It was pretty cool, but I didn’t go on the rocks because I’m not adventurous and I didn’t want to fall to my untimely death.

When I read about the aforementioned locations, one of the articles suggested visiting Adam Falls (which was also on my list) at Linn Run State Park since it was nearby. So I stopped there on my way home. It had just a little trickle of water, which is kind of surprising given how much rain we’ve had this year. Oh well.

Anyway, it was a pretty nice morning, if a bit muggy. After lunch, I put some chicken breasts on the smoker and I’m looking forward to having that for supper. Have a Happy 4th, everyone!