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it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

The weekend started on a good note. My parents took everyone out to dinner. We went to the Backroom Saloon, where I had some delicious Korean Pork Tacos and a tasty drink.

Saturday wasn’t bad, either. I ran some errands in the morning and did some housework and laundry. Saturday night, Gabe Stillman played a free show at Peoples Natural Gas Park and I went to that. Excellent show! He played at the Flood City Music Festival last year so I was excited to see him again. What made it even better was that Amelia and her mom were there, so I got to hang out with them. Amelia is doing a clinical rotation in Morgantown, so she came up for the day to visit her family. That was a nice surprise!

Things started going downhill on Sunday. This morning, I went to the office to power wash the back porch. The external spigot has been broken for some time, so I had to connect the hose to the sink that is in the basement. I noticed the floor was all wet down there and assumed it was from all of the rain we’ve been getting, but when I got closer to the sink, I saw that the hot water faucet handle was dripping water and it was going onto the floor. Who knows how long this has been going on? It is one of those old concrete laundry tubs. We don’t ever use it so we’re just going to have a plumber cap the lines. I’m going to have him fix the external spigot while he’s at it.

So, I’m power washing the porch, and all of a sudden the motor sounded different, then it started to smoke, and then it turned off. Ugh. I got most of the railing done but had to wipe down the rest by hand and hose off the decking. I happen to have my parents’ old power washer at my house (they gave it to Jake, but he wasn’t able to fit it in his car when he went back to Virginia), but I didn’t feel like running home to get it.

I planned on making pizza in my outdoor pizza oven this evening, which I did, but it’s been a while and I’m out of practice, so the first pizza was mostly inedible. Oh well. Luckily, I made three and the other two were pretty good, so I have that going for me.