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extra long weekend

I took Friday off in order to enjoy the last official weekend of summer (and mostly, to get some things done–I am woefully behind outside due to the pinched nerve I had in my neck this summer, which is pretty much resolved now).

I started off the weekend by going to a fundraiser concert at the Heritage Discovery Center. I went with a guy I met at the Flood City Music Festival (and who I later connected with through online dating). We caught a little of the first band, all of the second, and then he had to go. I stuck around for a song or two from the third and then went home. We also got lunch at the EthnicFest on Saturday. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be seeing him again. There was a bit of an age difference (12 years, but he looked a lot younger) and the more I thought about it, I just couldn’t see that working. He was closer in age to my mother than me! That seems kind of crazy. Just my opinion, though. I don’t really care what other people do.

I’ve been trying to get the garden cleaned up–it’s a mess from not weeding for a month and also some of the plants need removed at this point. I got the cold frames out of the shed and will be planting something in them for the fall/winter this week. Of course, cleaning up the garden means that I have to do something with the bounty. I made a couple batches of oven-dried tomatos and sliced and froze all of the peaches from my tree. I still need to freeze some kale and swiss chard.

I plan on working outside this evening and as much of tomorrow as I can (it’s supposed to be pretty hot). It gets dark so early now, it’s hard to get much done after work.

I cleaned out the shed and built some racks to hang the larger garden and power tools on. I was going to buy something for this, but saw some simple diy racks online and that was the cheaper way to go, so I did that. I just had to buy a couple 2x4s and some screws. I had some 1x4s already and used those, too. The shed is so much neater now. It was a satisfying project!