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Jake and I have been overpaying for cell service for a very long time. While we each had unlimited data, I hardly use any data, and he maxed out at around 15GB, so we were paying for service that we weren’t using. Unfortunately, AT&T didn’t have any cheaper options other than pre-pay and we couldn’t keep our numbers if we switched to that. So, we ended up switching to Mint Mobile last week. So far, so good. I’m on their cheapest plan, which is only $15/month (plus fees)! Jake’s trying the 15GB plan to see if it’s enough. They also have unlimited, so he can always upgrade to that. I guess their coverage isn’t as good as AT&T and they run on the T-Mobile network, so there’s always the risk of being de-prioritized for their customers, but 90% of the time I use my phone I’m either at the house or office, so I haven’t noticed any issues. What I’m saying is that it may not be good for some people, but it works for me.