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john mulaney

Jake and I went to see another one of our favorite comedians last night, John Mulaney. Unlike the last time we went to Pittsburgh for a show, we didn’t hit any traffic in (this time, we mapped directly to the parking garage instead of the venue), but we ended up sitting in the garage for a while when we left, so we didn’t get home until almost midnight.

Anyway, the show was great! There were two openers and both were quite hilarious. They were definitely the best openers I have seen. John Mulaney was hilarious as well, though a big chunk of his show was about the drug and alcohol fueled meltdown he had a few years ago. So, this was a departure from the type of comedy I’ve seen from him previously, but it was still good. I mean, if you’re funny, you’re funny.

As far as comedians go, I guess I’ve seen a lot of my favorites already, though Bill Burr remains on the list (maybe Patton Oswalt, too). I think he comes to Pittsburgh just about every year, so I’ll have to keep an eye out. Hopefully Jake and I can see him before Jake’s possible move to Virginia next year.