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sebastian maniscalco

This is one of our favorite comedians, so when I told Jake he was coming to Pittsburgh, he said, “we’re going”. We got to enjoy a beautiful sky on our way to the show last night and didn’t hit any traffic until we were right outside of PPG Paints Arena, where we sat for quite a while. Once we got through that, I was hoping to find street parking, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen so we parked in a garage (Duquense Forbes Avenue garage) that was a couple minute walk to the venue.

We had to wait outside a bit before we could get in. By that point we were running a little late, but thankfully the show didn’t start until 30 minutes later than scheduled.

The opener was Pat McGann and he was funny, but not hysterical. About what you’d expect from an opening act. He was on for about 20 minutes. Not sure if his set was cut short due to the late start or if that’s how long it was supposed to be. Sebastian Maniscalco, however, was hilarious. Definitely worth the exorbitant ticket price. And this was the first comedy show I’ve been to in a venue that large, so it was a different kind of experience. Maniscalco’s set was about 1:20, so I feel like I got my money’s worth. We didn’t hit much traffic on our way out of town so we were home well before 11, which was nice since it was a school night.