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don’t do this

I bought a new throw rug for the living room last summer. Tilly kept peeing on it so I had to remove it from the room. But the second to the last time she did it, I didn’t catch it (it was a shag rug so you couldn’t tell unless you looked at the bottom or stepped on it) and it started to dry. After cleaning it, I could still smell it despite using Resolve, an upholstery cleaner, and an enzymatic cleaner on the spot. I decided to give cleaning it one last try (with a different enzymatic cleaner) before throwing it away. This cleaner came with an LED black light, which helped me pinpoint the issue. The good news was all of my other cleanings worked–I couldn’t see anything except for the one spot. I tried the cleaner on it, but I don’t know if it worked. It was pretty perfumy, so I’m letting that dissipate before I give it another sniff test. I will report my results once the experiment has concluded.

But all of that was just setup for what I am about to reveal next. I started shining the light in different areas of the house and apparently my house needs to be sterlized or maybe demolished and rebuilt. I’m still up in the air which way to go on that. It’s especially bad around the toilet. One thing is for sure, from now on, all men are going to need to pee outside.