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dishwasher update

So, after getting my dishwasher fixed last month, I noticed it wasn’t drying dishes. I’m fairly certain this wasn’t a problem before. At first, I thought it needed Jet-Dry, which it did. But the dishes were still wet after that. I also noticed that it wasn’t very hot in there at the end of a cycle, so I tried opening the dishwasher at various points in the cycle and found that the heating element isn’t working.

I’m hoping that they forgot to hook something back up after disassembling the dishwasher to install the new motor, but what are the chances? I tried looking myself, but the heating element is in the back so you’d have to take the dishwasher out and put it on it’s back to view the area. No thanks.

Anyway, Krisay’s is coming next Friday to look at it. I’m not too excited about the prospect of another repair. But since I’ve spent so much already on it, I will probably have to do just that–unless it’s something ridiculous like the control board.

On the plus side, I can still run the dishwasher. If I get the hot water running before I start it, it cleans just fine. So, worst case, I could just keep running it like this until the next thing breaks. We’ll see what happens.