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This movie starred Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame. I’ll give it this much–it was a good action flick. But, I need a little more from a movie than that. My rating: 3/5

another problem fixed

Krisay’s fixed my dishwasher yesterday. Yay! It’s so nice to have it working again, especially since I’m in canning mode and am generating a lot of dirty dishes. For similar reasons, I haven’t been very motivated to cook, so now I can get back on that, too.

jim gaffigan

Finally. I bought tickets for myself and Jake to see Jim Gaffigan before the pandemic started. The show was supposed to be last August. Needless to say, it was postponed until last night. It was at the Kovalchick Complex at IUP, which is a really nice venue. It was a …

free guy

Friday night was a date night at Fleegle Cinemas. We got some food and watched this great movie. Free Guy was about a character in a video game who evolves through AI. I don’t play video games, but this movie was very entertaining and funny–I think just about anyone would …

one problem fixed

I was harvesting tomatoes the other day and was thinking about what to do with them–salsa, canned tomatoes, etc. I then realized that most of my canning recipes require roasting the tomatoes first and I still did not have an oven. So, I had to take action. The range I …