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jim gaffigan

Finally. I bought tickets for myself and Jake to see Jim Gaffigan before the pandemic started. The show was supposed to be last August. Needless to say, it was postponed until last night. It was at the Kovalchick Complex at IUP, which is a really nice venue.

It was a great show. The opener was on for a very short time–probably 15 minutes (which was pretty short compared to other stand-up shows I’ve been to). And, Jim Gaffigan did his seriously funny routine for about an hour (which is a pretty standard length for headliners). So, it was a quick night. I even got home in time to watch an episode of Better Call Saul before going to bed.

Prior to the show, I was happy to receive an email saying masks were required for all attendees. But, at the show, I was disappointed to see that mask wearers were in the minority and they did not appear to enforce the policy at all. So, if I end up with COVID over this, it will be a less funny memory.