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so much for that

I received and installed my dishwasher part yesterday, but it did not fix the problem. The dishwasher now fills with water, but the arms never activate to actually wash the dishes. So, either the water wasn’t a problem in the first place or I have two issues. This one sounds like a larger issue (potentially a motor), so I’m going to have to call in the experts.

When I shut off the water supply to the dishwasher, I noticed the shutoff valve was leaking. FFS. Judging from the appearance in the cabinet below it, this has been going on for a while. But the slow leak turned into a bigger one and I had to do something. I thought for sure the valve would need to be replaced but YouTube told me otherwise and I bough some of this magical stuff. Anway, I think it’s fixed now. I mean, it’s not leaking and water is still flowing. Does the shutoff valve still work? I have no idea and I’m not going to check it either.

My tub faucet was also leaking a bit so I replaced the cartridge in it a while ago. I’ve had to do this a few other times in the past and it was never a problem, but they changed the cartridge design and it was still leaking for a while after it was turned off (though it would stop eventually). I saw there were some other manufacturers making the same part (in the old style), so I bought one of those off Amazon. In the reviews, a number of people said the new OEM cartridge leaked but this one did not. I figured I was on a roll yesterday, so I installed the new cartridge. It worked the same as the one I took out, of course. Maybe even worse? I don’t know, but I saved the OEM cartridge and I may switch back to that. Sigh. I guess if it bothers me that much, I’ll have to call a plumber, but I’m not there yet.