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paint by numbers

My library project is moving along. The window seat is built (except for attaching the piano hinges to the lids) and painted. I was running low on paint and had bought a replacement gallon in November. I opened it up and put a coat on only to realize that it didn’t match. What the hell, Home Depot? This is paint that I have been purchasing forever as it’s used throughout the house. I went to Home Depot with my original can of paint and bought another quart. I noticed the formula codes were different and inquired about that. I was told that the paint formulation changed so they had to change the formula codes. I was skeptical about this seeing that the previous gallon of paint I purchased did not match, but when I tried it, it did indeed match. However, the gallon did not use the same color codes, so I guess that explains why it does not match. Though why that would be is a mystery. All of the stuff is in the computer so you wouldn’t think there’d be user error. I guess I’ll find out the next time I have to buy a gallon. I didn’t bother trying to return the gallon because I want to paint the one wall in the garage this year and it doesn’t really matter what color it is.

My next step is to paint, then install the shoe molding. After that, I’ll paint the baseboard trim. Then that leaves the tops of the bookcases. My current plan is to put crown molding along the front edge and marble tile on the tops of the book cases. I will need to do a trim piece along the back edge, but that shouldn’t be a big deal. So, I’m getting there! I took a little break from working on the project and got all of my fiction books organized. I’m in the middle of doing the same with the non-fiction stuff. I’m definitely on track to finish this project by the end of winter, which was my goal.


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