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hot, hot, hot

It has been very hot outside. This hasn’t stopped me from doing things in the yard in the evening because stuff needs to be done. I finally finished mulching and weeding the pond hillside, for one. And I did remove some more ivy from the shed area. I had to get the stuff off the trellis because I bought another vining plant (a Black-eyed Susan vine) that I wanted to plant there. It’s so late in the season that it probably won’t do well this year, but what can you do? It’s an annual so I’ll have to make sure I get it in earlier next year.

Since it is almost mid-summer, the garlic and onions were ready to harvest this week. I picked all of the garlic and about half of the onions. I expect to get the rest of those tonight. Unlike past years, my tomatoes actually look good this year. I hope to get a decent harvest and can some of them. If I would have known the summer was going to be so dry, I would have planted more!