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Jake and I had tickets to two entertainment-type events this year. The first one, Brit Floyd, was supposed to happen in March, then it got rescheduled to August, and then it got rescheduled to August 2021. I ended up requesting a refund for the tickets because the new show is scheduled during the week and I don’t know what Jake’s class schedule will be at that point. Hopefully we’ll still be able to go, but that’s so far down the road, I can’t even think about it.

The second event was to see the comedian Jim Gaffigan. That was supposed to be held in August, but I just got word that it’s being moved to August 2021. It’s on the weekend, so I’m going to hang on to those tickets. Surprisingly, he’s still on tour right now, but he’s doing “drive in” type of events. I guess they couldn’t support that at the Kovalchick Complex, but it would have been fun to go to something like that (well, given the circumstances, it would be fun to do anything entertainment-related at this point).

All I can say is that 2021 better be a good year.