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the office

Construction at the office was in high gear this week. We’ve been trying to get a contractor to do the stairs for a long time now (I think almost two years), but we can’t ever get anyone to return our calls (or start when they say they’re going to start, or finish a job in a timely manner). I heard good things about A.B. Graffius Contractors, so Brian gave them a call and they’ve been doing some work here this week.

The main thing was the stairs. In order to proceed with the never-ending basement remodel, the stairs needed to be redone. Those are now in and look great! Earlier this year, one of the pieces of flashing came off the parapet wall on the roof. Brian tried to reinstall it but the wood was all rotten, so they are currently uninstalling the flashing, replacing the rotten wood, and reinstalling the flashing. After that, they’re going to coat the roof, which is something that has to be done every 5 years.

We also got a quote for replacing the windows on the main floor. Most of those are in pretty bad shape, but that’s going to need to wait a month or two until I can replenish the coffers.

Since the stairs are in, Brian will be able to get back to work downstairs. He has a couple of things to wrap up and then we’re going to consider hiring out some of the other things that needs to be done down there.

As it turns out A.B. Graffius is a woman-owned company, so maybe that is the key to finding a contractor you can rely on. They have been a pleasure to work with.