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I’ve been following this coronavirus thing ever since it first appeared in the news in January (I have a thing for pandemics, thanks to The Stand), so I’m not at all surprised about the way it’s going right now. It is a little surreal when you start thinking about everything that has been canceled (NBA, NHL, music tours, cruises, air travel, etc.), but this is being done to try to improve the situation, so it’s better than the alternative.

Things are a little nutty at the grocery stores. I was at Giant Eagle last night and they were sold out of quite a few things (water, toilet paper, eggs, hand sanitizer (of course), and bananas of all things). Crazy. It’s not like the stores are going to close. I just don’t want to have to go to them when everyone’s walking around infected. Some guy had his cart double stacked with water. I thought they were going to be doing purchase limits at the store, but apparently not. Luckily, I was able to grab a couple of gallons at Dollar General next door. I’m not even sure why we’d need water, but I always like to have a little bit on hand just in case.

Late last week, it was announced that the Brit Floyd show Jake and I were supposed to go to has been postponed until August, so that’s good. Hopefully things will be better by that point, but who knows.

I had a last hurrah part two today. My friend Carol was available for lunch so we went to TAP 814. I’ve been wanting to go there since it opened and I wasn’t disappointed. I had the Carnivore Flatbread, which was quite tasty (and huge–I brought most of it home).

As for work, the economy really has me concerned. But, there’s not really anything I can do about it. And, it’s not like having an actual job (versus being a business owner) is any more secure. Just ask the travel industry.