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volunteering update

Time to take a break from all of the entertainment posts and actually post about something that is going on in my life…

So, as you might recall, I started volunteering at the Humane Society of Cambria County last September. It has been quite a fulfilling activity for me. I have kept true to my schedule of volunteering two hours per week. And, I mostly walk dogs while I’m there. And let me tell you, walking dogs for two hours straight is tiring (but, in a good way)!

Sadly, one of the dogs that was there when I started is still there. Her name is Cinnamon and she’s a pitbull mix. Not sure why she hasn’t been adopted as she doesn’t seem like a bad dog. She had a lot of anxiety when she first arrived at the shelter (and this is her second time there), but seems to be doing better now. She always gets excited when she sees me and I always walk her first.

It is nice to see the dogs week after week and then find out that they got adopted. I know not every adoption works out (as evidenced by the occasional return after adoption), but I like to think that most of them are getting good homes.

Sometimes, when the weather is especially crappy I will do some laundry or play with some kittens between walking dogs. But, those have been the extent of my activities.

I just got word that I was approved for the “Foster for a Day” program! This means I can take a dog out for the day and do whatever with it (hiking, Petco, hang out at the house, whatever). With the weather getting nicer, I should be able to start doing this soon. We can’t really hang out in the house due to all of the other pets that live here, but I can see some garden time in our future. And, Cinnamon is definitely on top of my list of dogs to take out for the day. I’m really looking forward to this–expect additional reports in the future!