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Saturday nights are for movies. In the DVD player was the 2018 version of the movie, but it wasn’t a remake–just a continuation of the story. In it, Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her Laurie Strode role, but this time she was a senior citizen. Ha. I guess people get old in 40 years.

In this movie, the powers that be decided to move Michael Myers from one mental institute to another. Wisely, they chose Halloween for the day to do this. Of course, something happened and he got loose and went after Laurie and her daughter and granddaughter (and a bunch of other people as well). From what I’m remembering, this was more violent than the first Halloween movie. I recall that one being more suggestive of violence, rather than overtly violent. But, this version was definitely a slasher film. Not one of my favorite genres, for sure, but I just had to watch. It was good for what it was.

My rating: 3/5