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Last Saturday, Jake received a piece of mail from UPJ. There was a sticker on it that said “Scholarship Award information”. Since he has not yet applied for any scholarships, I thought it must have been information on getting a scholarship, despite the sticker. The reason this was even up for debate was that Jake wasn’t home when the mail came, so it left us wondering.

When he got home, he immediately opened the letter only to find out that he had been awarded the Real World Achievement scholarship at a rate of $2000 per year! Among other things, this scholarship was based on his grades and SAT score. It’s a scholarship that the school gives out so he was automatically under consideration for it.

This weekend, we plan on tacking the Federal Student Aid form because I keep hearing we need to do it. I really don’t think we’ll qualify for anything major, but I guess it is a necessary step. I don’t really know anything about this stuff because my Dad taught at UPJ when I went there so my tuition was covered and I did not have to do all of this stuff. I know, lucky me.