Friday, November 24

the holiday

I have a nice stretch off over Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Sunday), so I've been getting my store ramped up for the the Christmas shopping season--making some new items, remaking some old ones.

This was my year to host Thanksgiving, so I scheduled Wednesday off, but my mom wanted to swap Christmas Eve (which she usually hosts) for Thanksgiving. So, I got a free day to do whatever because I didn't have to do any cooking (besides the rolls I took to dinner yesterday).

I have been getting a lot done Christmas-wise--my Christmas cards will be ready to mail as of today, I have most of my holiday shopping figured out (and plan to complete it this weekend), and a dog cookie baking frenzy is scheduled for Sunday. Ahh, time off. If I was retired, I still wouldn't have enough time to accomplish everything.

Sunday, November 19

strange weather

This was Joe Hill's latest. It was comprised of four short stories. Three of the four had supernatural undertones. My favorite was the first story, Snapshot. It was suitably creepy. I only wish he was a more prolific writer.

My rating: 4/5

Saturday, November 18

the big sick

This smart and funny rom-com certainly exceeded my expectations. Brian's as well. I wasn't sure what to expect but the movie got really good ratings so I figured it was probably worth a watch. If I had one criticism of the movie it is that the heavy moments of the film seemed to outweigh the light ones. This didn't make it bad, just kind of heavy for a comedy. But everything worked out in the end (it was a rom-com, after all).

My rating: 3.5/5

Saturday, November 11

it comes at night

I can't pass up an apocalyptic story. This one was ok, but could have been so much better. There were a number of things that were never explained (the title is a perfect example of this--what comes at night? nothing in this movie) and some continuity errors that I could not get past (get the spare tire out of the trunk--of a truck?) Still, I didn't hate it.

My rating: 3/5

Monday, November 6

social time

We had a couple of events to attend over the weekend. Saturday was my niece's birthday party at my brother's house in Portage. And Sunday, we got to meet new baby Avery at a welcome dinner at El Jalisco in Richland. Brian wanted to bring her home. I need to keep him away from babies in the future.

Thursday, November 2

brit floyd

This was our first "tribute band" experience and it was an excellent one. While I wouldn't say that Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands, I do like them. This band played at the War Memorial last night. I guess they come to Johnstown every year. We will definitely check them out again next time. They did note-for-note renditions of all of the hits plus a couple of songs I wasn't familiar with. They had a pretty good stage show, but some of the video content was kind of cheesy (I would have been content with a simple light show). I liked this show way more than I expected to. And, we were home by 11, so not everything about getting old is bad, I guess. I like how these non-rock stars start shows on time and finish up at a decent hour.