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Last week, I had to go to the bank in downtown Johnstown after work. I was behind a bus, which ended up being a good thing. The bus stopped at the railroad tracks, as buses are wont to do, so I had to come to a complete stop as well. After the bus pulled out, I followed and heard a thump as the vehicle bounced over the tracks. I looked out the side view mirror only to see Lizzy standing in the middle of the street. Apparently she opened the window the whole way by putting her front paws on the armrest of the back seat and then fell out when I went over the tracks. She has opened the window in the past, so I always keep them locked, but they were (obviously) unlocked in this instance. A good Samaritan stopped and got her off the road before I had a chance to get to her. Luckily she was unharmed with the exception of a few small scratches. Dog mom fail.