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I’ve prepped so much stuff in the past few days that I’m now an honorary Mormon. It all started a few days ago with a half a bushel of peaches. I canned 7 quarts (my canner’s capacity) and froze the rest. I also canned a batch of spicy dill pickles (my 2nd one this season) and froze 2 loaves of zucchini bread and 2 trays of stuffed shells (that also have zucchini in them–I have a lot of zucchini this year). I made a 3rd tray of shells for tomorrow’s supper. Speaking of zucchini, I made minestrone soup early last week and froze the leftovers and am doing the same today for supper. Yet, I still have a refrigerator full of vegetables, so I guess I’ll be doing some more prepping this coming week!