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pa grand canyon

We went back to the woods for this year’s vacation, though we decided to branch out from Forest County and try a different part of the state. Jake took a friend again this year. And, it’s important to note that this was Lizzy’s first vacation and she enjoyed the hell out of it. In fact, she gave it two paws up.

We did all of the usual stuff–walks through the woods, campfires, reading, knitting–you know the drill.

We arrived close to 5pm on Saturday. We didn’t do anything to speak of that day, just got settled in. Jake and his friend made a trip to the nearest Walmart for some last minute supplies.

Sunday’s point of interest was the overlook for the PA Grand Canyon, as seen from Colton Point State Park.

Monday took us to “The Muck“, which is a wetlands area in Wellsboro. It is a prime bird watching area. It was quite cool. On our way back to the truck we saw a huge black bear walking across the road.

Tuesday was pretty laid back. The main activity was fishing in the evening.

On Wednesday afternoon, we went to the nearby Lumber Museum, which was more interesting than it sounds, and went fishing again in the evening.

That was about it. It was pretty relaxing and ended too soon, but at least I have a four day weekend before I have to return to work.