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lisa lampanelli

Last night, Brian and I went to see stand-up comedienne┬áLisa Lampanelli at The Palace Theatre in Greensburg. I wasn’t familiar with her stand-up but Brian’s been talking about her for years, so we decided to go. She is known as an “insult comic” and there was a lot of interaction with the audience (basically her making fun of people in the front rows). We also got to see her berate a heckler, so that was kind of interesting. There were some funny moments for sure, but I guess I’m just not that big on this style of comedy. Brian had similar feelings on the subject as he hadn’t seen her perform in a while and his tastes have changed. Still, it was a good way to spend a Friday evening. We hope to check out some more comics in the near future. At this point in my life, I’d rather do that than go to a concert.