Thursday, March 30

the garden

With the exception of a day or two, the weather hasn't been so nice that I find myself wanting to go outside and garden in the evening. But, I received my onion plants this week, so that forced my hand. Tuesday evening had me weeding and adding soil amendments (greensand and lime). Then on Wednesday, I planted onions, peas, and Swiss chard.

My garlic is looking fantastic. The stuff that was covered for winter fared really well; the ones that I cut back in the fall look good, but not as good as the stuff that was covered. We'll see how everything ends up at harvest time.

Saturday, March 25

the cat

Sylvia made her umpteenth trip to the vet yesterday for yet another ear infection. Despite being previously cleared for polyps, that subject came up again (evidently there could potentially be one in there that is not visible with the scope, though how likely this is, I don't know). So, she's on another course of ear meds and has to be rechecked again in about 2 weeks.

The next step would be to see a specialist in Pittsburgh for a scan and surgery (if polyps are found). I won't even mention how much that would cost. I'm wondering, though, if it might not be better to get a 2nd opinion from another local vet before going down that road. One thing is for sure, it would be cheaper.

Wednesday, March 15

hacksaw ridge

Mel Gibson directed this movie which told the story of a conscientious objector who joined the army to be a medic in WWII. The first half of the movie concentrated on the main character's early life, while the second half was all out war. It was based on a true story and was quite compelling to watch.

My rating: 4/5

Tuesday, March 14

a winter haunting

This was the followup to Summer of Night. It was a less complex story, yet was written in a more engaging style. It told a story about one of the characters from the first book who returned "home" to write a novel. This story took place 40 years after the first one. It had some of the same elements, which I was hoping would be better explained after all those years, but little additional detail was given.

Still, it was a quick enough read, even though not totally satisfying.

My rating: 3.5/5

Wednesday, March 8

almost spring

I saw a robin yesterday, so you know what that means--it's almost spring! As if further proof is needed, I ordered all of my gardening supplies over the weekend, so I'm ready to plant.

Of course, you can hardly complain about this winter--the ground barely froze. Weird weather we've been having the past few winters.