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first ride

Brian and I just took our first motorcycle ride of the season. He’s been out on his bike a few times, but this is the first chance we had to go out together. We took a ride to the Conemaugh Gap Scenic Overlook as I needed a photo for Do Johnstown. Since we redid the site last year, it uses larger photos. We’re down to the last few that need to be replaced, and we’ll probably get those via motorcycle trips. Anyway, we did the Haw’s Pike/Cramer Pike loop. It was a nice day for a ride.

In other non-motorcycle news, I painted two of the walls in my “studio” yesterday. Why two? Well, this used to be Jake’s room and he wanted two of the walls to be dark gray and the other two to be turquoise. I wasn’t a fan of the turquoise, so I painted those walls off-white. It looks really nice with the dark gray and really brightened up the room. For someone who doesn’t like to paint, I’ve sure been painting enough recently.