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double trouble

When we got Sylvia, she had an ear infection. After two courses of the prescribed ear drops, she was still having ear troubles, so I took her to the vet this morning to have it checked out again. This time, she was prescribed a stronger ear medication and was put on antibiotics. We have to go back in 10 days as the vet could not see her eardrum due to the infection and she wants to see if there’s anything that is causing this to happen (like a polyp). Lesson learned: whenever adopting pets from the shelter, look into their ears before you take them home.

After supper, Jake, Brian and I were standing around and heard a crash and a bunch of thuds. Evidently Buster went upstairs and then fell down the steps as he came back down. At first glance, he looked ok, but then we noticed drops of blood all over the floor. It turned out that he tore one of his dew claws. I tried calling the vet, but they didn’t answer (nor did their answering service pick up). Since they were still open, Brian just ran him over there. They taped up his foot and put him on antibiotics and painkillers.

I do believe this was the first time we had to make two trips to the vet in a single day. Let’s hope it’s the last.