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After countless years of seeing their ad in the paper, we finally made a trip to Smithmyer’s Superette in Loretto to grab one of their meat bundles. The price was definitely right–$70 for 25 pounds of meat (pork, beef and chicken). I’ve been struggling with our meat purchases ever since we stopped going to Costco and also since our beef supplier quit raising beef cattle. So, I figured this was worth a shot. We try to stock up at Giant Eagle when things are on sale, but it seems like we’re never able to build up a stash in the freezer.

The superette was super nice, as were all of the employees. It was like taking a step back in time–it felt like the 1950s in there (not that I’d know what that was like, but that’s how I picture it). They had a decent selection of groceries, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the store for heavy duty grocery shopping (it reminded me more of a grocery store you’d see when you go camping).

I was pretty happy with what we got and I’m sure we’ll be making a return trip in the next month or so.