Saturday, July 30

2wet 2weed

This summer has been so dry, I was glad to see the rain today. The pond, which has been really low, is back up to capacity. Not only that, but I get a break from watering plants for at least a few days. On the other hand, everything outside is wet so that makes it difficult to do anything out there (I hate weeding when everything's wet), so I guess I'm going to have to find something to do in the house this evening. That should not be hard to do.

Monday, July 25

2hot 2ride

But we did anyway. We had a free moment yesterday afternoon, so we went for a quick motorcycle ride. It was rather like riding into the air of a hair dryer, even though we took the relatively shady path of the Somerset Pike. It was too hot for dogs, so Lizzy had to sit this one out.

Monday, July 18

garden 2016

My garden is kind of blah this year. I'm not sure what the problem is. It doesn't seem to be as far along at this point as normal. For example, last year, by this time, I had already canned a batch of pickles. This year, I've only collected a handful of cukes from the garden and most of the plants are still tiny. I guess some years are better than others. My tomatoes are getting spots on the leaves again, too. But, the ones we planted in pots in the front yard look fantastic, so we should still get a good harvest.

I'm trying the succession planting thing again this year. I haven't had much luck in previous years, but we'll see how it goes. Instead of direct sowing, I'm planting most things indoors and then transplanting them, with the hope I will have better results. Time will tell.

Sunday, July 17

10 cloverfield lane

This was kind of a sequel to Cloverfield, but not really. It did have some clever marketing, though. The beginning of the movie was pretty engrossing, but once you definitively find out what's going on, the intensity dropped off a bit. And for that, I'm taking away a half point from my rating.

My rating 3.5/5

Friday, July 15


Jake's mouth is three teeth lighter and my wallet is about $1,500 lighter (thanks, Obama*). Jacob had his wisdom teeth extracted this morning (he only had three of them). The procedure went smoothly and he's doing as well as one would expect, so no complaints there.

*We used to have really good insurance (i.e. no deductible), but thanks to the "Affordable" Care Act, our premiums increased so much that we had to switch to a deductible plan (which, by the way, costs us a lot more than the no deductible plan used to). And when I say "our" I mean our office's plan, in which we cover the full cost for our employees to have health insurance. The good news is that if Jacob needs any further procedures this year, his deductible has been met.

Monday, July 11

black mass

This was a pretty good mobster movie, but by no means a classic. It told the story of James "Whitey" Bulger, an Irish mobster in Boston. But I guess that's probably redundant to say--where else would story about the Irish Mob take place?

Definitely worth a watch if you enjoy this genre.

My rating: 3.5/5

Sunday, July 10

it's back

Speaking of pain...I woke up Saturday morning with back pain (in the vicinity of my right shoulder area). This has happened to me many times in the past, but it's always super annoying to go to bed fine and then wake up like that (I mean, it's not like I was doing anything in my sleep). Needless to say, this put a damper on the day as I was unable to do a bunch of planned activities (such as going for a motorcycle ride, weeding the garden, painting outside, etc.). But, it did not stop us from going out to dinner with our friends Carol & Bob. We met up with them at Franklin Street Bar & Grill. This was the first we'd been out with them in over a year. Hopefully, the next time will be sooner than that.

Friday, July 8


Jacob was fooling around with his friends on Sunday and sprained his knee. I took him to iCare on the 4th for x-rays and such. They didn't feel that there was any ligament damage, but it's still bothering him. So, if this keeps up, I guess we'll be making another trip to the doctor. Luckily, he didn't have to work until Wednesday this week, so that gave him a couple of days to rest his injury.

I guess I shouldn't complain--this is the first incident like this ever. Not bad for 16 years.

Friday, July 1


Brian and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on June 28th. Since one of our Thunder afternoons off work was canceled due to the weather, we decided to take the afternoon of the 28th off instead.

We took a motorcycle ride to Yellow Creek State Park in the afternoon. It was a nice day for a ride. Then we went to the Boulevard Grill for dinner. It was just the two of us as Jake was at work. Then, in the evening, we had a fire on the patio to cap off the night.

It's hard to believe it has been 20 years. Most of the time.