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In preparation for a possible future move and because our house is overflowing with stuff, we have been decluttering for the past six months. We’ve been taking stuff to the Salvation Army and selling stuff on eBay and Decluttr. Today, my last item will expire (or be sold) on eBay and I will be done for a bit. I’m sure we will find more things to get rid of, but it’s not going to be a large amount by any means. Was it worth my time and effort? I’d say yes. I bet we made close to $1000, so that’s not bad. We had a couple of winners in the sales category (such as Brian’s old thrash cd collection and my rubber stamp collection), but there were also things that I expected to go for more money, that went for 99 cents. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Overall, it was a positive, but time-consuming experience.