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bad start

It’s still only March and the gardening season is already off to a bad start. I was outside the other day and saw that most of my garlic didn’t make it through the winter. I’m actually blaming the mild temperatures on this one as they grew a lot more than …

lumpy dog

Lizzy is covered in bumps, but one of them has gotten particularly large since her last vet visit 6 months ago. Buster was due for his annual appointment this month, so we took them both to the vet yesterday. The vet tested the lump and confirmed that she has a …

the departed

This was another movie from our top 13. My original review stands. What a great film! I had forgotten most of the plot so that made it compelling to watch again. I barely mentioned Mark Wahlberg last time around, but I found his character to be hysterical. My rating; 4/5