Sunday, March 27

bad start

It's still only March and the gardening season is already off to a bad start. I was outside the other day and saw that most of my garlic didn't make it through the winter. I'm actually blaming the mild temperatures on this one as they grew a lot more than they should have over the winter. I think the blizzard did them in as the tops were rotted. This is a big disappointment.

Saturday, March 26

the hunger games: mockingjay - part 2

This was the last installment in The Hunger Games series. Frankly, I was a bit disappointed. Unlike the previous movies, it was short on action. Also, unlike the previous movies, this is the first one we watched at the house--we saw the others at the theater, so I don't know if that would have improved the overall experience or not.

It wasn't bad by any means, but neither I nor Jake enjoyed it as much as the earlier ones. It seems to me like they could have cut out a bunch of stuff and combined the last two movies into a slightly longer, but better conclusion (just like the books).

My rating: 3/5

Friday, March 25

lumpy dog

Lizzy is covered in bumps, but one of them has gotten particularly large since her last vet visit 6 months ago. Buster was due for his annual appointment this month, so we took them both to the vet yesterday. The vet tested the lump and confirmed that she has a fatty tumor, which was what she originally thought. So, since it doesn't seem to be bothering Lizzy, we're good to go for now. That's a relief.

Sunday, March 20

sleeping with the enemy

I thought for sure that I saw this movie, but after reading the book, I really don't think so. Nor will I be doing that. The book was ok--I read it fast enough, but the story was not very plausible (or good).

My rating; 2.5/5

Sunday, March 13

the departed

This was another movie from our top 13. My original review stands. What a great film! I had forgotten most of the plot so that made it compelling to watch again. I barely mentioned Mark Wahlberg last time around, but I found his character to be hysterical.

My rating; 4/5

Saturday, March 12

sidecar saga

My sidecar's factory finish did not hold up very well. I'm sure the fact that it sits out in the elements all summer doesn't help the cause, but I don't think the factory finish was very high quality, either. I intended on getting it painted last fall. I found a guy who could do it for a reasonable rate and we were all set to have it done. But, the guy ended up hospitalized and then dying (from cancer) before we dropped it off, so it's been sitting in our family room ever since.

Fast forward to now. With motorcycle season right around the corner, this project became a little more pressing. We got some estimates this week and dropped the sidecar off at one of the places this morning. It should be done by the end of the month, which will be in plenty of time as we don't usually start riding until May. There are a bunch of other things I need to do (like upgrade the lighting and upholster the interior), so that will give me some time to sort these things out before the riding season. Though, it will probably take me all summer to accomplish everything I want to do, but at least the ball is rolling now.

Wednesday, March 9

innovative tomato

It seems I'm long overdue for a post, so I might as well take this opportunity to discuss my new company, Innovative Tomato. The company is going to be doing digital marketing, video and mobile apps. Brian and I will run the company in addition to our duties at Prime Design Solutions. We just hired our first employee last week, so that was rather exciting. The company was actually created last fall, but we're really just starting to ramp things up now that we have an employee to do the work.

One might wonder why on earth we'd start a new company and the reason is that there are some incentives available for new companies that we can't take advantage of with Prime Design Solutions because it's no longer "new". Plus it will give us the opportunity to branch out in different direction. 

Anyway, it should be interesting.