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citrus fail

I got a lime tree last spring. As it turns out, citrus trees are very temperamental. When I first got it, it shed a bunch of leaves, but this apparently is to be expected as the plants do not like change. Once the weather warmed up, I put it outside so it would have full access to sunlight. By the end of the summer, it was full of leaves and blossoms and looking pretty good. I even got a tiny lime from it. But, when the weather turned cold again, I had to bring it inside and over time, it shed all of its leaves. And, then the branches started dying off. And now, all I’m left with is a stick in the dirt. So much for that experiment.

On the other hand, I cut the top off of a pineapple that I bought at the grocery store and put it in a pot of dirt and it sprouted roots, started growing, and looks fantastic. You would think that a tropical plant, such as pineapple, would be harder to grow than a citrus tree. You would be incorrect.