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I’m a little behind on Christmas this year, but I’m glad to say that I’m done with shopping. I did 90% of it on Black Friday (from the comfort of my living room, thanks to Amazon). But, in an uncharacteristic move, my Christmas cards aren’t done yet. I briefly considered not making cards this year, but then someone told me how much they like my cards so I was kind of guilted into it. They are in progress.

I’m not making cookies again this year, but Jake and I are going to make some Christmas-y treats next weekend. I’m not sure at this point if I’m going to be making dog treats. I didn’t last year and that was kind of nice, but I haven’t made treats in a while, so it might be fun to do. We’ll see how I’m doing for time.

We never decorate the house until mid-December, so I’m not behind on that yet. I think we’re going to get a real tree this year. We’ve been putting up an artificial one for quite a few years and I miss having a real one (or do I? I guess we’ll find out). The fact that real trees drop needles is kind of annoying, but our artificial one does that, too, so we’ll see which one I like better.

I’m taking a half day later this month to wrap presents–that’s probably my favorite Christmas preparation of all.