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Early last week, we discovered that the toilet in our basement was clogged in a major way (using a plunger on it caused water to shoot out the base). We weren’t too concerned because we have other toilets and our main sewer line was still working, so it appeared that the problem was contained. A few days later, Brian removed the toilet so he could check out the sewer pipe and found that it was clogged beyond his plumbing abilities.

This week, he called one of the plumbers we deal with and he recommended calling Roto-Rooter. Evidently they are best equipped to deal with situations such as this. They came today and 2 hours (and $200) later everything is working again. Apparently the pipes had a bunch of roots in them. Why the rest of our plumbing still worked is somewhat of a mystery (there must be two separate lines that connect to the main line), but I’ll take it. Luckily for us, they are testing the sewer lines in the township and we will almost certainly be required to replace ours, so this problem will not be a recurring one once that happens.