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the curious case of buster and marley

When I got home from work yesterday, the dog gate leading to our family room was open. I assumed someone forgot to latch it, though I would like to note that Buster does know how to open it. But, he doesn’t ever do that unless one of us is downstairs. As I was feeding the dogs their supper, the cat came strolling out of the hallway. I put him back downstairs (he lives in our family room) and didn’t ponder it too much longer, but I thought it was odd that he spent some time upstairs (particularly since all of the dogs are afraid of him).

Today, Brian arrived home from work earlier than I did and he encountered the same scenario–the dog gate was open and the cat was upstairs. So, now we’re thinking that Buster is opening the gate (probably in order to go downstairs for some cat “treats”) and the cat is taking advantage of the situation. I like to think that they both spend the day sleeping in our bed. That would be funny! I do wonder what goes on–if only I had a webcam.

Speaking of the cat, I noticed that he lost some weight, so I took him to the vet to be checked out. It turns out he has hyperthyroidism, so now he’s on pills, too. This geriatric pet thing we have going on is getting more expensive by the week.